Reaching At Every Stage

We Support Grandparents Reach Their Full Potential

Mission & Vision​

Our Mission

We are members of the Sunset Generation who are passionately invested in making the world better by empowering the Rising Generation to live the reason they are here.

Our Vision

The Heart of the Fathers Foundation provides the tools and education needed to effectively connect the Sunset Generation and the Rising Generation, creating a world where all are inspired to work together as they live their true life’s purpose.


— We Help & Inspire

We help and inspire grandparents for we believe that spending time with your grandchildren is one of the most important things you can do – and this impacts both generations.

— We Build Networks

We’re affiliated and connected to other organizations where we build networks to connect to a community of grandparents.

— We Strengthen

We believe grandparents have an important role to play in the development of the next generation. We uplift and strengthen them so they can impart their wisdom and experiences to their grandchildren, helping them be directed in the right way.

— We Educate​

Learning how to be a good grandpa or grandma is never too late. We provide resources for grandparents to help them reach their potential in connecting with children and grandchildren they love.

— We Provide Care​

It is our privilege to care for the future of the rising generation as we help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

— We Consult​

The time with your grandchildren is limited, so make it count. We will show you how.

WHAT WE Share!​

Mission Talk

Roland shares his mission during an International BootCamp last January 2021.

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Connection is the Key

Wherever your family is, there’s a connection you can make and you can be present.

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Connect with grandkids

Roland shares “7 Tips for Connecting with your Grandchildren.

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It’s time to bridge the gap and reach today’s grandchildren to build powerful connections and make a positive impact.