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In April 2019, Roland Thompson and his son, Chase Thompson, collaborated in writing, It’s Never Too late, as a way of demonstrating the need for the Rising Generation to connect with the wisdom and experience of the Sunset Generation. They then invited Roland’s granddaughter, Angie Thompson, to be the voice of the song and the message behind it.
Roland Thompson together with his son, Chase Thompson, recorded Old Man / Cat’s in the Cradle (Medley).
The Back Story – Jacee Aniston Davis, Mesa, AZ; Raef Swain, Roosevelt, UT; Morgan Jansson, Rochester, NY; and Megan Gehring, Springville, UT, have never met before until they each volunteered to serve a mission for the LDS Church. They were all assigned to the Pasco, Washington area, where I live.

My mission is to encourage older people to learn who a young person is and find out their passion and purpose and support it. When I first met these young people, I learned that a couple of them had a passion for creating and performing music. Since I own a recording studio here, I invited them in their free time to come and see it. I was inspired by their excitement and passion for being in a professional recording studio. They got to meet a couple of the audio engineers, Luke Basile, Chief engineer, and Dakota Dufloth, just coming off of his internship here at Rainmaker Recording Studios. Both of these engineers are currently professional performing artists. (

This will be Dakota’s first full audio project. The mastering was done by Luke. The video production was done by Luke, who is currently studying videography with Chase Thompson (another owner of Rainmaker Studios) out of Nashville. We had no idea how all of this will come together, it was just a fun project for all of those involved. The actual music arrangement was created by these four missionaries.

The message behind the song, Because I Have Been Given Much, is a very powerful and needed message to be shared with the world.
Music by Phillip Landgrave (1975)
Lyrics by Grace Noll Crowell (1936)
Tip 1: Invest in Time Together
Tip 2: Let them Lead
Tip 3: Support their Dreams
Tip 4: Bond while you Build
Tip 5: Serve others Together
Tip 6: Consistency Counts
Tip 7: Create Deeper Connections
My Mission Talk. This was given earlier in 2022 at Gary Barnes International Business Bootcamp.
Grandchildren: Our Future Leaders
Discovering Their Life’s Purpose
Children Learn Through Mimicking
Connection is the Key
How do we define legacy?
Teaching grandkids that E + R = O
The Five Bridges of Connection

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