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Helps you Keep track of your grandchild’s milestones and memories


— Bridging The Gap | Guide For Grandparents

This guide outlines 7 ways to create meaningful relationships with today’s grandchildren. The Bridging the Gap Guide for Grandparents is more than a to-do list on how to be a good grandparent. It gives you the keys to help transform your mindset, modify your behavior, and experience rewarding relationships with yourself, your kids, and your grandkids.

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With an ever-challenging economic environment, it’s critical to provide grandchildren of all ages with a solid foundational understanding of finances. This is an area where grandparents, who are retired or plan to soon, can pour into their grandchildren with proven principles for generating and managing finances. This masterclass, taught by “The Retirement Coach” Roland Thompson, will equip you with the knowledge you need to “teach them how to fish”. Give them a head start to their financial future and the essential knowledge required to fund their dreams.

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Roland Thompson sits down with the cool grandpa to talk about the importance of connections with grandchildren and family. They kick off their conversation, discussing Roland’s reaction to the news that he would be a grandfather while still having children at home and adopting another young child.

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— The Long Distance Grandparent

The go-to place for all things grandparenting across the miles. We fight the distance with love, creativity, and a plan for connection.

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— Legacy Coalition

Legacy Coalition is led by Christian grandparents who understand the joys and struggles that come with intentional Christian grandparenting. In just a few years, Legacy Coalition has seen thousands of Christian grandparents find purpose and have a greater spiritual impact on their grandchildren’s lives.

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Grandparents have a hidden superpower-PLAYFULNESS! 

This book presents a wealth of ideas to bring joy and fun into grand interactions. Grandparents have an extraordinary opportunity to make a significant impact on their grandchildren’s lives and future. New grandparents as well as those who are looking for new ways to enhance their grand relationships will find endless hours of fun within these pages. 

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— Imagination Storybooks

Imagination Storybooks is part of Imagination Videobooks, Inc., a Nonprofit founded in 2019 by Richard Rieman to fill a gap that exists for over 5 million blind, deaf, and neurodiverse children with special learning challenges. Their mission is to reinforce children’s core values, such as kindness and empowerment, through the creative forces of children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, and narrators.

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— New Book is Coming Soon!

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